Important information: Repair costs for devices/products

Please note the following information when sending in your product for repair to ensure a smooth
  • Flat rate repair pricing: We offer flat rate repair pricing that covers labor and basic repairs. Please see the attached chart for exact pricing.
  • Spare parts: If your unit/product needs spare parts, we will let you know the cost by quote after the first inspection.
  • Opting Out: If you decide not to proceed with the repair after receiving the spare parts cost breakdown, we will charge you the flat rate for failure analysis for up to 16 units. Please refer to the attached table for our rates.
  • Alternatives: If you decide not to proceed with repair, we can responsibly recycle your item, offer you a new unit, or return the unit to you. Shipping costs for the return shipment will be charged in this case.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team (


Flat Rate Price Table

 SOTEC CloudPlug (CP1) repair flat rate 75,00 €
SOTEC CloudPlug Edge repair flat rate 150,00 €
SOTEC TDx Terminal repair flat rate 190,00 €
SOTEC USB Bumpbar repair flat rate 30,00 €
SOTEC RF10T Wireless Bumpbar repair flat rate 45,00 €
SOTEC TD14 repair flat rate 180,00 €
Erroranalysis (flat rate for up to 5 devices) 60,00 €
Erroranalysis (flat rate for up to 15 devices) 120,00 €
Erroranalysis (for 16 devices and more) by quote


Status August 2023